How They Met

Adiel and Sean’s story starts in the halls of their elementary school, where they met. Throughout the years, they were in several classes together and in the sixth grade, they “went out,” which simply meant passing notes and holding hands at recess. After sixth grade, Sean’s family moved away and they lost touch.

A Love Re-Connection

Fast forward eight years. Sean friends Adiel on Myspace and after briefly chatting, they make plans to get together. There is an instant spark that first time hanging out and they see each other every day for the next two weeks. Their relationship developed quickly after that and it’s been love ever since!

The Proposal

On February 14th, 2012, Adiel arrives home from work to Sean making a delicious Valentine’s dinner. After dinner, Adiel goes into her bedroom and finds a teddy bear. She teases Sean about going into Build-a-Bear by himself, doing the Build-a-Bear ritual, and naming the stuffed animal. When she finds he named the bear “Little Messenger,” she is puzzled and asks why. Sean tells her the bear has a voice recorder. Adiel makes the recording play and hears his voice say, “I love you.” She thinks that’s all so she goes to hug him then hears, “Will you marry me?” Adiel exclaims and looks at Sean to see he’s holding a ring.